Chinese Works of Art Item 547

A 19th century Chinese blue and white crocus vase, copying earlier delft (Dutch) similar piece. Modelled as five conjoined baluster vases around a long central tapering neck terminating in a crocus-head mouth painted to the body with phoenix between peonies, hibiscus, scrolling flowers ruyi-heads around the shoulders, the neck decorated with upright flower stems.
The hollow stem above a body of gourd form, having six openings, the whole decorated with foliate motifs. The form is also known as a tulip vase. Such pieces were made for the Dutch market and adorned the grandest rooms in noble and wealthy merchant houses as vessels for rare and exotic flowers.
十九世紀 仿代爾伕特陶瓷,通體藍白色,遍佈花卉、鳳凰、石榴等紋樣。荷蘭代爾伕特生產的白釉藍彩的錫釉陶器,,代爾伕特陶器在本民族傳統審美的基礎上,借鑑了中國青花瓷藝術,創造出符合歐洲人審美特徵的中國風陶器產品。

  • W. 6.5cm H.32cm
  • 19th century