537. Chinese Boxwood Stand

Chinese Boxwood Stand

Chinese miniature rectangular stand carved in one piece of boxwood, carved apron in shape of plant branches above four legs. Boxwood, or "huangyangmu", grows at a very slow pace primarily in central China. Its fine, extremely dense grain attracted the eyes of connoisseurs in the Qing dynasty, leading to the production of delicate wood carvings.

清朝 黃楊木方底座,整塊黃楊木雕刻而成. 黃楊木生長週記非常緩慢,一般需要上百年時間才會成材。因木質地堅韌光潔,紋理細密,色彩莊重的原因,黃楊木在古代特別得到各收藏家的珍愛。

  • H.3cm, L.7cm, D.6cm
  • Qing Dynasty