625. Bamboo Long Wrist-Rest

Bamboo Long Wrist-Rest

Chinese 19th century Bamboo wrist-rest depicting Tang poetry and poppies.
The English translation of this Tang poetry:
“Up on a Higher Ground – Du Fu

The wind of a clear autumn sky rushes through amid gibbons' howls,
Over the crystalline water and sand of white, spiral and hover fowls.
Countless leaves rustle, fall and drift down and away baring trees,
Endlessly the Yangtze flows, and with billows abounds.

Ever so often being thousands of miles away from home, autumn grieves me,
Living so long a life bound by illness, alone I take in the view here on a high lookout.
In the tough times of the present day, my rapidly greying hair adds to my grievance,
I cannot help but give up on alcohol as I have become so indisposed, down and out.”


  • L.27.6cm, W.6.7cm
  • 19th Century