350. Chinese Bamboo Brush Pot

Chinese Bamboo brush pot carved with mountain landscape, 牧山图, inscribed by Zhou Mushan.

清十八世紀 竹刻牧山圖 “周笠”

Zhou Mushan is a famous master for bamboo carving in Qing dynasty. This brush pot is one piece of his work and applies a special technique of bamboo carving called ‘Liu Qing’, which is made of bamboo skin with a layer of green patterned carving. The scene shows a landscape painting in low relief, catering to literati taste. On the right corner of the scene is a boat with a boatman, which echoes with the inscription ‘calling for a boat’ and give a poetic impression. The following is the original text:


  • H.14.5cm, D.7.2cm
  • 18th Century