659. Unusual Chinese Bamboo Veneer Ruyi

Unusual Chinese Bamboo Veneer Ruyi


The ruyi-shaped head finely decorated in low relief with lotus flower and leaves. The panel in the centre of the arched shaft dipcting with a branch of finger citron, and the ruyi-shaped middle branch decorated with a fruiting pomegranate, and a peach at the bottom. It depicts one of the most famous groupings in Chinese art, a citron, a peach and a pomegranate also known as the Three Abundances. There are four Chinese characters “ji xiang ru yi” at the back and bat at the bottom, symbolizing auspiciousness.


如意形头部饰有精美的浅浮雕莲花和树叶。拱轴中央面板饰一枝佛手,中间如意形枝饰一结果石榴,底有一桃。 它描绘了中国艺术中最著名的组合之一:香橼、桃子和石榴,也被称为“福寿三多”。 背面有“吉祥如意”四个汉字,底部有蝙蝠浮雕。

  • L.30cm, W.7.3cm
  • 18th Century