664. Chinese Scholar’s Gobi Yellow Wax Stone

Chinese Scholar’s Gobi Yellow Wax Stone


The stone, which is of warm, golden caramel color, has a natural appearance. Among the four major stone formations of scholar’s rocks in China, ‘yellow wax’ rocks are mainly composed of andesite with silica, therefore they are as hard as jade. The term ‘yellow wax’ may derive from their purity of colour and the glossy surface. Its golden caramel colour and natural gloss form rank this rock among the finest of this type.

黄蜡石主要成分为安山岩,含硅质,故坚硬如玉。 “黄蜡”一词可能源于其颜色的纯度和光滑的表面。 其金色焦糖色和天然形状使该岩石成为此类岩石中之最。

  • H.12.5cm, W.4.5cm, L.9cm
  • Qing Dynasty