ITEM 542

Chinese Famille Rose Gilt Ground Dragon and Phoenix Round Box and Cover, Jiaqing Mark, late 19th century.
Sumptuously decorated on the domed cover with a scaly, five-clawed dragon and a colourful, descending phoenix contending a flaming pearl, set against a gilt background auspicious clouds and flames. The exterior of the box is decorated with the same design. The interior of the box and base are decorated with a light turquoise glaze. The base inscribed with a six-character mark of Jiaqing in seal script.

清19世紀 金地粉彩龍鳳戲珠蓋盒
通體滿施金彩,此圓盒蓋中心及盒身外圍以粉彩繪龍鳳戲珠紋,龍鳳周圍圍繞礬紅火焰以及云紋,色彩對比強烈,顔色鮮豔。盒内與底施青釉,盒底心以紅彩落”大清嘉慶年製” 篆書款.

  • D.22cm x H.12cm
  • Qing – 19th century