item 346

Bamboo wrist-rest carved by Chu Bai.
This bamboo wrist-rest is made of bamboo from southern area of China. It has reddish old wrapped slurry and its calligraphic carving presents the ancient spirit in a very traditional way.
This inscription is written by Qing-dynasty poet Zha Chubai (also named Zha Shenxing, 1650-1727) and is about his comment on writing poems. The followings are the original inscription: 東坡詩芸 天下幾人學杜甫 誰得其皮與其骨 學蘭亭者亦然 黃太史亦芸 世人但學蘭亭面貌換以骨無金丹 此意非學書者不知也

清十八世紀 竹刻東坡詩臂擱“初白款”

  • Length: 25.5cm Width: 6cm
  • 18th Century