Item 409

A set of four Chinese Hongmu nest-of-tables.

Each apron is decorated with fine floral pattern, and their legs are simply but elegantly carved and imitating bamboo, the designs of which are both very popular in Qing dynasty.

清十九世紀 一組四件紅木方桌

每一張小桌的牙子都飾有花卉圖案,桌腿被雕刻成優雅的的竹子造型, 此种設計在清代十分流行

  • H.40.9, 51.1, 61.3, 71.2cm
  • W.22.3, 27.2, 31.5, 36.0cm
  • L. 33.4, 38.8, 44.3, 50.0cm
  • 19th Century