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For centuries, Chinese antique wood stands have been essential part of displaying Chinese works of art.  Like the wooden frame of a traditional western painting, a display stand sets the work of art it supports apart from other objects, distinguishing the work from the mundane, and marking it as special.



Choosing a stand with the right function can stabilize your objects. Based on the types and shapes of your object, we offer a selection of plate stands, circular stands, unusual-shaped stands, display stands for all kinds of pieces.

Each type of our stands is adorned with different decorations ranging from decorative relief to openwork carving. You can match your object with the best design to enhance its great beauty.



Finding a matching stand for your works of art only takes you a few simple steps! First of all, get a tape measure and lay your objects on a flat surface.
For objects with a circular base, measure the outside diameter of its base.
For plates, measure the outside diameter of its rim and how deep is the plate.

For objects with quadrilateral or irregular-shaped base, measure the width and length of its base (the best thing is to send us the template).

If you are looking for a cover for your vessel, send us the measurement and picture of the piece.

You can always take a couple of measurements and use the largest measurement. We will find you a selection of Chinese antique wood stands.

挑選座子前, 您可以先量度藏品的尺寸。以下是各類古玩的量度方法:
器物帶圓形底部: 量度底部的直徑
碟或盆子: 量度其深淺及口沿直徑
器物帶不規則底部: 量度底部的長度及寬度,並把器形告訴我們